I am very pleased with the beautiful website created for me by the Daniella Shapiro team. The development of the back-end of my site was done with much precision and attention to detail, keeping the user in mind at all stages of creation. My website was customised in exactly the way that I wanted it to be, is extremely user friendly and allows me full control to post and update whenever I like. Simon was extremely helpful throughout the process and was willing to go above and beyond to ensure that my website was perfect. My company logo and business cards were also created by the Daniella Shapiro team, and I am so thrilled at the outcome. The stunning design truly captured the essence and identity of my business and I am very happy with the final result


Fix Scholarship

I had the pleasure of getting my website done by DaniellaShapiro.com and have only received excellent customer service. We have officially had the ' www.fixscholarship.org ' site for one year and are very happy with the results. Thanks!!

Fikile Moeti

Co-Founder and COO of Synerchi Organics

Thank you for all your guidance and professional skills, advise and for designing such an amazing brand! For amazing branding and exposure see www.daniellashapiro.com

Kiara Ducasse

Co-Founder and CEO of Synerchi Organics

Super chuffed to have you in our lives! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Ethan Caesar Ducasse


Hi Daniella, I am taking the liberty to compliment you on a stunning job done on the City to City marathon event. It left me pretty envious when I arrived at the watering holes as well as the finish line to see the unbelievable branding and professional set up!

I was hugely impressed with this event and JD GROUP is proud to have been part of this event with the HI FI CORP brand.

I must say I was hesitant to partake as I had not been involved in sporting events previously, but all thanks to you, Daniella, you went out of your way to arrange logistics, staffing and branding for HIFI Corp. From the feedback of the runners at the event it sounded like a great success .

Congratulations once again to all involved in making this such a prestigious event for Gauteng!

Neil Mc Lean

Alexander Forbes

City2City Marathon

I would really like to congratulate you on the incredible race that you put together this last weekend. I have been running for many years and this was a truly world class event unparalleled in SA. I ran the 21km event and the organisation and professionalism of this race is miles ahead of the running events held in SA.
Comrades and Two Oceans are hailed as the premier road running events in the country. I believe there is now a new player in that category.

The entire process from pre registration to number collection to the actual race day was fantastic and I am told that this was all due to the work and effort that you have put in.

The race had a very poor reputation for organisation in the past but I don't think that anyone can have anything bad to say after the amazing event you put together. Transforming and reinventing the race must have been no small feat and you deserve to be recognised, praised and credited for this incredible achievement.

I am not usually a person who would go out of my way to give feedback following a race or any other event, but in this case the feedback needed to be heard. I have every confidence that under your continued management and guidance the race will go from strength to strength and the number of entries will grow exponentially!

Thanks very much!

Mark Lapedus