Speaking Engagements

Having started two different companies from ground zero from the age of 20, Daniella has had personal experience in making things happen with no financial backing. It has given Daniella the confidence to be able to reach out to an audience and share her experiences which include: trademarking and building a brand from scratch (loveglove™), re-inventing the City2City Ultra Marathon and running logistics (excuse the pun) from beginning to end with an incredible work force, reinventing the brand and making it a world class event. One of Daniella's unique qualities is that she is not afraid to take a risk and step out of her comfort zone to make things happen.

Whether you want Daniella to sit on a Panel, create a bespoke Keynote Presentation, or give a workshop to your Office team; Daniella is always interested in a Professional Speaking Gig. If you are looking for a young, innovative speaker with fresh, forward thinking ideas who is not afraid to push the boundaries, Daniella is your girl!

The topics Daniella can cover include:

  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action
  • How to Disrupt and Innovate Your Business
  • The Exponential Power of the Brand Known As YOU!
  • Branding Secrets
  • Building a Brand
  • How to Build Strong, Cohesive Teams and Empower Them to Innovate
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Coaching tools to accelerate individual performance
  • Social Media Marketing Made Simple
  • Find Your Voice, Speak Up and Be Heard
  • Overcoming Failure
  • Becoming A Woman of Purpose
  • Empowering Young Women To Lead Change
  • Inspiring Girls To Empower Others
  • My Story

Daniella also understands the modern world we live in, and that many Seminars and Courses occur online. So if you would like Daniella to appear on an Online Webinar, create an online Keynote Presentation, or take Professional Speaking skills to the web, please get in touch.