Email Database



Email Marketing Services

If looking to reach business, people or key decision makers in specific areas, industries or job titles can assist you.
We average an 80% delivery rate and can both supply data to clients, or we can do the broadcasting for you providing full reporting on all broadcasts done.
We can also assist you with email design and creative.

Business Lists provide clients with lists of business contact details filtered by area, company size, contact field, broad and specific
business classification, along with specific Job titles.  With over 1.45million business records and growing we have access to by far the
largest B2B database in South Africa

Consumer Lists

If you need consumer contact details for your product or service, or perhaps have a call centre and need consumer data for your outbound
agents then we can help.  Through our data partners We have access to over 16million unique records.  Costs start at R3.50 a record.
Please note we do not supply contact details of people with adverse credit history or who are behind in their debt repayments.

Database Rental offers a database rental option whereby clients can rent a filtered list of their required business maker prospects for
as little as .99c per general business record per month.  Clients will get a monthly data file Delivered in txt or xls format and this can be mapped to their existing CRM systems for east importing.
Rental packages Start at R8 000.00 per month for 50 000 records up to R85 000.00 per the entire database.

We can do an outbound send to all lists.  Below is our pricing on email sending.  We guarantee the delivery of emails and can provide you
with backend access to our sending platform to confirm delivery, clicks etc.  Our average metrics are 7%-17% open rate and of the opens
5% to 10% click through.  We can do split testing on subject lines to maximize Responses.  You can then come up with creative for attracting
people.  Whether it is corporate packages or group packages.
Email marketing :  We have over 7 million unique and active emails where we average on 80% delivery rate.
Once off send :  For a standard one time broadcast the cost is .99c per email sent
Person specific emails :  Linked to designation cost R1.99 per email sent.
Minimum order 10 000 sends