City2City Marathon

January 2009 – November 2012 (3 years 11 months)

Daniella bought over, rebranded, metamorphosized and re-created the City2City ultra marathon (Pretoria to Johannesburg) Heritage Race. This is an annual event. Daniella increased the number of participants from 900 (before she took over the event) and reached over 10 000 race entries in 2012

Some interesting facts about the City2City Marathon:

The first city to city 50km ultra-marathon kicked off back in 1903 with only 30 runners. The route was a down run from Johannesburg to Pretoria and run completely along dirt roads.

The records for the race (both set on down runs from Pretoria to Johannesburg) are Bethuel Netshifhefhes 2:45:41 in 2006 and Frith van der Merwes 3:04:30 in 1989. Van der Merwes time is also the fastest ever by a South African woman over 50 km.