9 November 2015

We all know girls really rule the world; but now we’re taking over the social media space too.  It’s not just the Beyonces, Kims and Taylors of the world who are kicking the boys out the way either.  Yes, those women are all leveraging their incredible celebrity into real (and really successful) businesses, but there are also tonnes of women out of the limelight who are steering the global conversation a whole range of amazing and unexpected directions.

From fitness to design to the final frontier, women from all industries are using social media to create profiles and build butt-kicking empires.

A Babe Doing It Like A Boss

Vani Hari began her professional life as a management consultant before taking an interest in what was going into the all the Frankenfood that make up so much of a modern woman’s diet (because who really has time to do anything more than order a take away or heat up a ready meal; right?). Today she’s more commonly known as the Food Babe and her global fans are legion.  Her blog has turned into a crusade against unsafe ingredients and she and her followers are cleaning up menus and kicking multinationals into shape one item at a time.  The Subway chain felt the full force of her fans when she demanded they stop using the dough conditioner azodicarbonamide.  Within a day, her petition had 50,000 signatures and Subway removed the compound.  Her site now records around 54 million annual visitors and her first book has just been published. Now that’s how you leverage a blog, ladies.

From Design To (Big) Dollars

Then there’s the multi-platform design queen Joy Cho, who has used Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to build the ‘Oh Joy’ lifestyle brand.  Her talent won her a record 13 million Pinterest followers, so it’s no surprise the big brands soon started calling for her golden touch.  Not only has she gotten a few books under her belt, she created a custom line of party décor for US retail giants Target (which quickly sold out, naturally).  Her eye for pattern is now so in demand that she’s also done a line of Band-Aids for Johnson & Johnson. Pinterest people; Joy Cho took over the world with Pinterest, proving that anything’s possible.

Sisters Doing It For Sisters

Not all the game-changing women on the web are just building businesses; many of social media’s biggest influencers are also breaking down barriers for women in their industries.  Anita Sarkeesian first started making waves with her Twitter account and YouTube channel, which she used to start a conversation about sexism in the gaming and tech industries.  The resulting #Gamergate controversy earned worldwide attention after Sarkeesian bravely stood up to a barrage of threats (including more than few death threats). Gamer nerds were no match for this tough-as-nails writer and in the end, her online staying power earned her blog funding from Intel to help her promote more diversity in the tech industry, sending a message that women are on the web and we’re not going anywhere.

Shooting For The Stars

Abigail Harrison took a different tack and used social media to invite people to watch her journey, just as she was starting out.  The 17 year old put her ambition to be one of the first Mars astronauts online and has garnered more than 195,000 fans on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Soon she was documenting her progress on astronautabby.com, where she also promotes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and the importance of space exploration.  Although she hasn’t even finished high school yet, Abby has already blogged for NASA, given a TEDx talk and managed a social media campaign for Italian Astronaut Luca Partition. Wherever ambitious Abby goes next, she’s bound for glory.

So what do these amazing women have in common? They’ve all used social platforms in totally unique ways to pursue their own dreams and disrupt the status quo. They’ve stayed true to their brands with incredible results. From my City2City Marathon takeover to my skills in branding clients – better, I know how tough it really is – and how incredible it feels to achieve it.  The good news is that with so much diverse talent out there, women are set to rule social for years to come.  

So what are you waiting for – someone to do it for you?  Then get in touch and let me show you how a smart woman really gets it done. Don’t forget to connect with the tribe #DS.comTribe.