8 December 2015

The future is now!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, where we start looking back at how the year has gone and begin thinking about the year ahead.

I know most of you probably have your holidays on the brain but before you pack up and totally wind 2015 down, you should be planning ahead for an incredible 2016!

It’s All On The Move

When it comes to growing your business and building your brand, a great year ahead means paying careful attention to a few key changing trends and the first of these is video. 

Believe it or not, it looks like we just might be starting to see the demise of the duck faced selfie and the artfully arranged coffee and succulent trends. Moving images are set to get bigger than ever in 2016 and the proof is in the fact that even Twitter thought it was time to introduce a video hosting app and Google is finally setting up in-SERP video advertising. 

So start tuning up your inner Spielberg and get familiar with your phone’s motion capabilities because this is one marketing trend you are going to have to master.

Mobile Will Master Desktop

After making the move to movies, you’ll want to start taking a serious look at how you use mobile. 

Sure, mobile’s been around for a while but now’s the time to tweak your site to favour that and dialling down your desktop focus.


Well according to Google, 2015 was the year that mobile traffic overtook desktop in ten countries. The indicators say that tomorrow’s Internet will be handheld and what better place for your marketing to be held than in someone’s hands; just be sure that you’ve built your marketing to match.

Doing It All For You

By now you’ll know that keeping up your digital branding can take more hours than you’ve got, so the smart money for 2016 is on marketing automation.  

Start looking into marketing automation platforms that can take the hassle out of scheduling emails and automate social media posting, manage your content, and track your customers. Getting on board with automation will keep you focused and profitable without compromising on quality.

Forget about the digital-doom merchants and the naysayers, with the likes of digital assistants, Siri and Cortana, along with the emergence of virtual reality in the form of Occulus Rift and wearable technology from underwear to , 2016 is looking good and the coming year is going to have plenty of opportunities for those who can spot them – and grab them.  

Looking to kick some butt in 2016?  

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