19 September 2016

Talk about mood and mind altering substances! This s#*t should be illegal! The new Oolala Collection's Phuzion Parfum & Pour Homme is that good. 

This range has got it all – fragrances, after shave balms, hand and body lotions, and skin care. You can layer yourself silly, on a budget, for that long lasting smell-good factor all day long. 

Spritz, moisturise, hypnotise! There is no come-down on this trip without the price tag because when you layer it, the wonderful waves just keep on coming.

Fantastic essential French luxury, straight from the source, bottled, and delivered to your door,  Oolala! That's what we're talking about! Go there without having to go there! But if you do need to take a journey, the Oolala Collection has got cute and convenient travel sizes of all your favs. So you can layer en route.

Plus it's got the research to back it up. With thorough testing comparing billion dollar brands, Oolala has come up with an inspired range that delivers better than the real thing. For a fraction of the price. This all sounds too good to be true? 

B#$tch please! Did your momma never tell you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?

If she did, and you were thinking, woman, what are you on about, basically, don't question a great bonus when it comes along!

Some things are for real. Like lasting quality and affordability from a collection that dares to be uncompromising. We like people who go balls to the walls, don't you?

The Oolala Collection's Phuzion Parfum & Pour Homme is a funky fusion of sophistication and sensible saving. What's silly? Buying the originals at ten times the price. That is just so not hot. Give them the pimp hand! What is hot is buying from the Oolala Collection for a bargain.

Look and feel like a million bucks without spending it.  High five!

Now, life is all about lessons. And if you have been overspending until now on big brands, no harm done. We forgive you. But learn your lesson! Oolala to the rescue. Salvage the shreds of your pride and self-worth by joining the Oolala Collection Club. You'll be #winning.

You as the consumer are entitled to be demanding of your products, and not the other way around. 

The beauty and lifestyle market is over-saturated. You want to smell more, buy more, last more, for less. So why should you bother to change your ways? Why not stay stuck in a rut? Because it's not working, silly! 

There comes a time when you need to embrace a new way of doing things in order for your self-image and your wallet to stay afloat.

The Oolala Collection's Phuzion Parfum & Pour Homme is gonna float your boat. You'll be floating along all day on a layering induced cloud nine. With your wallet intact. It's the new cool. Trust us on this one.


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