24 September 2015

The daniellashapiro.com team has been working like crazy updating and innovating our corporate identity and creating some major awesomeness.

I wanted to share some tips and insights that will help guide you into understanding how to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Do you cringe when you see a hotmail address?  Frown at terrible email signatures?  

It’s time to take a closer look at email as a branding opportunity.

Your Brand...

Whether you know it or not, a brand is trailing you everywhere you click. Your brand is not only what appears when your name is googled, how you stage yourself on LinkedIn, and what you tweet about.  Your brand also encompasses what you and most people you know, no doubt spend unending time keeping up with -  your emails.

You can do a number of things to own your brand, or you can sit back and let casual decisions define it for you.  

You can brand yourself, or you can be branded.  The choice is YOURS.

It’s something you take for granted, something seemingly trivial, even mundane.  When executed thoughtfully, however, it makes a splash.  It says, "This company is sharp—I want to work with them!”

Why is this opportunity, obvious but overlooked?  After all  It’s the bookends of your emails, your address and signature block, often, the first and last thing your recipients will see.  For better or worse, your email bookends are powerful transmitters of your brand.  

What is your email signature conveying about you?

Why use an email signature?

Think of your email signature as your business card for the digital world, which you’ll be giving out to all your recipients whenever you send an email. 

This makes your email signature just as important as your business card.

By using an email signature, you avoid the need to provide contact details and website links to each and every recipient that you send emails to.  

It will also improve the relationship between you and your clients by showing a desire to communicate with them in different ways outside of emails.

Studies show that personal signatures increase email open rates by 500%. Consider the amount of free automatic promotion and website traffic you’ll get for your company through emails.

How to create a professional email signature

Creating an email signature may seem like an easy task, but it’s not.  Sure, typing your name and linking to your social media accounts at the end of every email will get the job done, but that’s a mistake all amateurs make. There are a few very important factors you must consider when crafting the ideal email signature that will make you look like a pro.

Here are a few tips that will help you create an effective email signature. ***Note*** You will need HTML knowledge to create a great email signature, which is what the daniellashapiro.com team specialise in;) You can also use an online tool to generate a signature, but they will not help you stand out from the crowd.

Main elements:

There are several features that every email signature must have.  Without these key elements, your email signature simply won’t be a “signature”.

Full name

Your position at the company

Logo of your company

Postal Address / physical address

Contact numbers

Links to your company website, bio, etc..

Social media buttons

Use bigger or bold text to highlight your name.  Use a picture of your company logo to grab attention.  Some professionals also use a portrait photo of their own to personalize the email signature.

Want to see the high standard of what a professional email signature SHOULD look like to make your brand stand out? Use the hashtag #DS.comEmailSig on Twitter and/or Instagram followed by your email address and I will personally drop you a mail with the new highly professional daniellashapiro.com email signature so you will know EXACTLY HOW TO RAISE THE BAR!

Do you need help creating a great email signature?

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