15 May 2016

DaniellaShapiro.com will make sure you don't get lost in the masses.

I recently came across this fascinating statistic :  LinkedIn directs almost four times more people to your main website than Twitter and Facebook.

What does this mean? 

There’s a big opportunity to have your voice heard on LinkedIn.  If done correctly, you will see a significant traffic boost to your website.

Your LinkedIn profile is a key element of your personal brand.

Whether you are job hunting, wanting to grow your business network, or attracting potential clients by widening your circle of connections, your LinkedIn profile is the perfect platform when done strategically.

Before an introduction, call, meeting, or any other type of professional interaction, people will usually stop by the LinkedIn profile of the individual they're meeting.

So it had better be in top form: attention-grabbing, comprehensive, and of course remain top of mind..

But how do you stand out on a platform cluttered by millions of other users?

I have put together a list of the 10 most overused words on LinkedIn , and I’m taking a wild guess that everyone has at least one of these on their profile (I know I used to.)

Here are the top 10 global buzzwords, in order of their overuse :  

 1. Leadership

 2. Motivated

 3. Creative

 4. Passionate

 5. Strategic

 6. Successful

 7. Driven

 8. Organization

 9. Dedicated

10. Extensive experience

If you really want to get noticed, then maybe its time for a rewrite.

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Catherine Fisher, LinkedIn's director of corporate communications, recommends avoiding these words altogether by providing illustrative examples. For instance, instead of claiming to be "motivated," describe the long hours you put in trying to get a new project off the ground. Rather than slapping the word "creative" on your headline, post your work on your profile, and list any awards celebrating your inventive work.

Yet, in certain instances, a simple synonym is all you need. 

Here are some suggestions to portray the same meaning in a not so fatigued way : 

Leadership - command, influence, direction

Motivated - ambitious, determined, compelled

Creative - inventive, original, cunning

Passionate - fervent, enthusiastic, committed

Strategic - significant, consequential, high-priority

Successful - capable, qualified, productive

Driven - intent, persistent, tenacious

Organizational - administrative, managerial, authoritative

Dedicated - devoted, hard-working, determined

Extensive experience - seasoned, accomplished, proven, authority

Is this list inspiring you to launch a major profile facelift? 

This will make it much easier to exhibit your extensive experience (woops, I mean authority) in your industry.

I will help you take your profile from good to fabulous.  

When you have the kind of profile people want to read, you will get results.

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