23 September 2016

Stop beating around the bush. Stop pussyfooting, tiptoeing, worrying what people might think. Do it. Be who you want to be. F@*ck 'em. Wear the perfume. Stand out. Get some joie de vivre. Enjoy life. It's meant to be lived. There's no time for half measures.

There's nothing worse than simpering fools. What's a simpering fool? Somebody who has no independent thought and weakly, meekly, follows multi-million dollar manipulative celebrity marketing ploys in the hopes of finding an identity.

Get a backbone and use it to help you stand up. Stand up for yourself. F@*ck bullies. Big brands are bullies. 

If you are being bullied by someone at school or at university or at the office or ANYWHERE or if your kid is being bullied or you know someone who is being bullied, go right up to them and say F@*CK YOU! No matter what the consequences. They'll probably sh#t their pants because you know what, bullies are cowards, that's what.

Stop hiding. 

What are you afraid of?

That people will find out your flaws? So what! 

Nobody is under the illusion that you are the one and only human being on this earth that was created perfect. Laugh at your flaws. Use them to your advantage. Use them to make people love you more. Point out your flaws if you must and work them. That'll rip the carpet out from under those bullies' feet.  Take your fear and own it.

As you might have guessed, we like dare-devils.

Image dare-devils.

People who are experimental and don't shrink from trying something new.

Like guess who? Oolala!

Oolala doesn't f@*ck around. They get sh#t done.

They've come up with inspired luxury fragrances, lotions, skin care products. You get to experiment, choose, whatever blows your hair back.

***You will soon be able to order online. In the meantime email your orders to info@daniellashapiro.com to receive all products, pricing and deets and automatically be able to place your order and have your goodies delivered Free to your doorstep***

Bam! That's what we're talking about. 

They are f@*cking doing it! They have a backbone. 

They are standing up to the bullies. They are saying, live life. Wear the perfume. Lather on the lotions #LayerItOn Now you can afford luxury. Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Wake up zombie! Stop gnawing on that poor sod's brains! That's not doing it for us!

We want people who use their brains!

Buying smart is a start for being who you want to be.

It'll improve your self-image and helps you to worry less about what other people think. They'll probably start copying you anyways.

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