26 October 2016

Unisex is hot. No two ways about it. 

When you wake up wearing his shirt. When her perfume lingers on your skin. When you start stealing each other's fragrances as a reminder of one another to take with you for the day. Hotness. #Blending is trending.

Femme fatales, maybe you want to make a statement about your assertive side. In this day and age, who has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do? What cologne you can and cannot wear? If you wanna smell like a forbidden garden, then open pandora's box and see for yourself what dreams may come... Slay dragons with the confidence you feel in the jungle out there. Yaaasssss.

Sexy men, with the Oolala Collection Club, these inspired fragrances are so affordable now you won't mind sharing, will you? Or spoil her with a bottle of her very own to take with her as you send her out to knock em dead. #Blessed.

So what are the favourites in this tug of war? 

Well first, we have Gucci Guilty Pour Homme. With cedar wood and patchouli, citrus and lavender, this one is powerful, sophisticated, and musky. Highly enticing. 

Next, Tom Ford Black Orchid combines black truffle and vanilla, for an opulent, sensual, and seductive blend. Could be us but you playin.

CK2 is a worthy follow up to CK1. Think woody notes, with wasabi, and jasmine. It's fresh, light, cool, natural and androgynous.

On the other end of the spectrum is Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille – warm, heavy, big, this one projects with confidence. Slay. Thierry Mugler is again light, green, soapy, clean, perfect for everyday wear.

Bvlgary Man by Bvlgary is classic and citrusy. Think lotus flower, cashmere, honey. This one is for the wild at heart. It's a seductive, complex number. Everything. L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake – is serene, fresh, original, exotic. Reminds one of spicy earth  and forbidden gardens. Highly magnetic.

We are feeling this.

Let us know what are your favourite unisex fragrances. We would just love to hear from you! 

Remember, you can order online whatever sexy, seductive, luxury fragrances your heart desires with the Oolala Collection Club. We won't tell, we promise. It'll be our little secret ;)

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