July 2015

The last few months have been challenging.  For the first time in my life I have felt all areas of my life were out of balance.  During this process I feel I have learnt so many lessons which I want to share.

1. When you hit a roadblock which I just have and you feel shaken up the key is not to over analyse the setback but rather to accept it, experience it and find a smarter way of moving forward.

2. I have been blessed with so many positive opportunities but at the same time I have been trying to juggle everything that has been thrown at me from all directions in my personal life.  Solution: Write each problem and solution down and how you plan to tackle it in order to go forward. Do not let your thoughts over cloud your vision.

3. Take your visions, goals and to-do lists once they have been fine-tuned and create a Two Month Crunch.  

Here is my two month crunch list :

Personal Fitness and health

As I have previously mentioned I had started my 1 month detox and fitness plan, which normally goes smoothly according to my routine and schedule. However for the first time I have encountered a wobble, too much stress got in the way and I had to re-evaluate my timing.  I have had to recommit to the month of August to get my health and fitness goals to being where I want them to be, with my focus on a half marathon for end September.

By having this goal it will enable me to push myself to train hard.  I have never had to actually plan it out with such precision but SHIT happens and then you realize how important your health and fitness routine is in order to reach your maximum potential in both your personal and business life.


- I have many business dealings in different projects

- My main goal is to close all final deals for each project

- The daniellashapiro.com website is going to be upgraded and updated

- An additional company website needs to be completed with a brand launch

- I will be investing a lot more time in blogging and providing my clients and followers with market driven content and filtering through my blogs the latest insights and marketing trends:)

- Continuously building my client base through my marketing and PR strategies and customised personal service with the daniellashapiro.com experience.

USA trip

- Finalizing and prepping of all meetings for my trip

- Passport and Visa sorted whew it was a close call..only when I got to book my ticket did I realize that my Visa was In place but my passport was about to expire in one week.  Home Affairs was an experience in itself…

- The rest of my exciting trip you will hear about live on all social media platforms.

- My travel dates are still to be confirmed. NYC here I come #Wooohooo

- The two month crunch is my way of consolidating everything that needs to be done in all areas of my life in order to take me to the next chapter without any cobwebs.

PS.  if anything else pops up unexpected and it’s a pain in the balls I will just punch it in the face. 

#2monthcrunch  #DS.comtakesNYC

FYI. I keep getting people asking if I am seeing anyone or in a relationship; the answer is NO – I am Single. So guys, now you know what my relationship status is… ;) (please no psychos, no bad breath haha)