12 October 2016

Ever wondered what peeps are on about when they keep saying “doe”? 

And no, they are not referring to a female deer in general conversation. 

FYI – someone says “Dat dress doe?” It's a diss. Or an insult. Another way of saying “that dress though?” Yes it can be confusing out there with all of this peep speak flying around. 

So don't let it go over your head. We are going to give you the run down to get you up to speed so that you can stand your ground in this fast paced, social media frenzied world. Casual. So let's dive right in to the Oolala lingo.

1. On fleek = Styling. Super cool. Epic. With it. Example: 'Staches on fleek this Movember

2. Yaasssss = Everything. Awesomeness. Yippeeeee. Werq (see below)

3. Said no one ever = ironic usage. Example: Always do your Christmas shopping on the day, said no one ever!

4. YOLO = you only live once. Super versatile. Use liberally. Example: photo of you on picnic with Gran. Caption YOLO. Photo of you shark cage diving. YOLO.

5. Werq = Hot, “with it”  behaviour. Happenin. Example: Using the latest lingo to diss someone back when they attempt to put you down on social media. Bye Felicia. Werq.

6. Bye Felicia = Shutting someone down that you don't approve of.

7. Kthxbai = K thanks bye. Example: Stop posting irritating comments if you clearly don't get the joke. Kthxbai. Opposite of oh hai!

8. Oh hai! = Excited acknowledgement of unexpected arrival of pleasant thing. Example: Secret Santa gave me Oolala fragrance! Oh hai!

9. Goals = something to work towards. Example: A moustache is goals this Movember.

10. TF = the f*ck. Adds extreme emphasis. Dead pan. Highly versatile. Example: There were decorations TF on the Christmas tree. I'm getting socks for Christmas? TF.

11. Not a single f*ck was given. Deadpan. Expression of disinterest and not caring. Also highly flexible. Example: You bench press 100. Not a single f*ck was given. You go strawberry picking. Not a single f*ck was given.

12. This = so much this. We are feeling this. This is everything. You get the drift.

13. Basic = not this. Example: When I said doe you tout I was talkin bout a deer. You basic, man.

14. Casual = kinda like #humblebrag. Example: doing something extravagant and awesome and putting caption #casual.

15. Same = used humorously. Example: Retweet pic of celebrity doing something awesome and caption “same”.

16. Ratchet = fierce. Previously insulting but has come to be used as a complement and sign of respect. LOL.

17.  Turn down for what? = exclamation for crazy behaviour. Extremely versatile. YOLO like. Example: Share muffin recipe. Turn down for what? Break leg tackling friend when drunk. Turn down for what?

18. Turnt = worked up, hyped, excited. Example: Christmas bout to get turnt with Oolala Secret Santa... Oh hai!

19. Dead = not dead. Very much alive. Example: ZOMG that hottie? Dead.

20. Cray = you're too tired to type the full word for crazy.

21. Slay = killing it, rocking it, dope. Example: You are slayin it in those killer heels my friend!

22. Squad = your fam. Your crew, your posse. Your group.

23. Obvi = you're too busy to type the full word, obvious.

24. Just sayin = you aren't just sayin. In fact, you are sayin a lot.

25. JOMO = joy of missing out. Used ironically. When someone else is doing something fabulous or when you weren't invited. Be creative. Example: someone stands in dog sh*t. JOMO.

26. You're welcome = versatile usage. Picture of someone bitch-slapping someone else. Caption – You're welcome.

27. But first = usually accompanied by “let me take a selfie”. Self-explanatory.

28. Squad goals = you and your posse doing what you do best. Example: a picture of a group of old lady besties sitting round a table playing bingo #squadgoals!

29. Dang = word used instead of saying damn because... well we don't know why. Example:  That dang pimple wont go away!

30. Keep it real = to not be fake. Be yourself. Oolala is keeping it real.

31. Winning! = exclamation used to denote feelings of joy derived from the achievement of success in life endeavors. "Just received my new Oolala Collection Skincare Products. Duh, winning!"

32. Boyah = A forum where no one gives a shit no matter what you say and how you say it. Anything goes. #Boyah to that!

33. The Struggle Is Real = A (generally) ironic saying often used in place of the saying, "first world problems."

Sarah: I woke up with a huge pimple on my face so I wouldn't let my boyfriend see me without any makeup on.  
Sue: Must've been real hard doll.
Sarah: Yeah. The struggle is real.

#first world problems #first world #difficult #hard #struggle

***Please note – this is not a complete list! We are relying on you lovely peeps to submit more Oolala peep speak to us.

So hit us with whatever words and expressions you got and we will add them to our lingo list to help out those in need and become part of the Oolala Tribe;)

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