8 September 2016

Better than bubbly – Oolala has burst onto the scene! It's hip and it's happening. Sunday saw the exclusive pre-launch of the Oolala Collection. This was a Perfume Party extraordinaire, featuring infused detox drinks and delightful signature Oolalatinis – très mignon – very cute! This fragrance collection's got flair - #Ilike!

Guests spoilt themselves or found the perfect gifts for loved ones. But please don't feel left out! Oolala is here for YOU.

Your favourite imported fragrances are now affordably available to tease the object of your affection, boost your je ne sais quoi, or surprise someone special... Do I hear a #yesplease?

Let Paris come to you, with directly sourced oils creating a luxurious product available at a fraction of the price. Get straight to the essence of the matter - better than the real thing!

Create an enigmatic ambiance of mystery, making women weak at the knees. Or spoil yourself and make a sophisticated, flirty entrance – très bien! Whatever your mood, occasion, or fragrance fit, the Oolala Collection has got it covered.

Are you drawn to floral (sweet, bright, fruity) notes, fresh (citrusy, grassy) notes, spicy (oriental) notes or woody (musk, amber) notes? If you haven't yet found the perfect fragrance for you, now you can afford to explore and experiment with top fragrances. Remember, your body chemistry plays an important role in finding the fragrance that works for you. Different perfumes will work differently on each individual. This is part of the magic that makes finding your chosen fragrances so exciting. 

Let Oolala help you along on this fun journey of discovery.

The Oolala Collection offers matching hand and body lotions so you can moisturise to keep your beautiful skin fabulous while luxuriously layering your favourite scent. Now you can smell like the bomb all day. #Yesplease – again!

Pssst - guys and girls on the go – I couldn't resist spoiling a secret. Oolala's Collection comes in travel sizes! I know, right? They're cute, they're convenient, they fit your gym bag, your handbag or your carry-on luggage.

So, all you melt-worthy men in the making? All you soon to be confidence-boosted babes? Join the Perfume Party. Because it's not over. It's just getting started. #Oolala!

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