6 November 2016

Ever got a fright when you looked in the mirror because the person you saw there was so damn fine? 

Well it's about that time. Male grooming is everything. We luuurv it. Slay. 

Mustaches are turnt this Movember

Growing one is GOALS. 

We are celebrating our sexy men in all their variety. Ratchet. Fierce

So what is your 'stache style? 

It's time to express yourselves gents. Add some extra sex appeal, for free, to the enigma that is you.

The trick with facial hair is that it should complement your facial features, and not overpower them. For example, if you have a large nose, don't try to sport a pencil mustache. Rather, grow a Chevron or a Handlebar. If you have a small nose, don't grow a big and bushy 'stache – it will look silly. Swerve. 

The idea is balance. 

Large mouth – try the Pyramid. Small mouth? Grow your 'stache a little past the corners of your mouth – this will make your mouth appear wider.

We are going to give you a run down of just a few favourites to choose from. There is something to suit every face shape. So here we go!

1. Dallas – think cowboy, confident, masculine. Not the most difficult to grow. You will need a few months hair growth to work with before you shape it. Just remember to shampoo and trim regularly. Grooming and care is key.

2. Natural – this one is understated, easy, low maintenance. Sport a clean line along the top lip, with a gentle curve under the nose. Middle ground mustache.

3. Handlebar – wild west, with wiry, upturned edges. You need a pipe and a horse. This one suits a square face. Outspoken, street style.

4. Pencil – you need a classy wardrobe to accompany the pencil or you just might look like a petty thief. Suits most faces.

5. Fu manchu – long thin strands hanging down each side of the mouth. Think plotting to take over the world with your sinister plans! Mwahaha.

6. Horseshoe – this reminds one of the rough and ready pro wrestler type. Or not. Just depends how you work it.

7. Chevron – makes a heavyweight style statement. Thick and full 'stache. Grow stubble with it and you have truly earned your stripes.

8. Pyramid – has a wide base that narrows towards the nose. Suits most faces. Versatile number.

9. Zappa – edges droop slight past the corners of the mouth. The fuller the better. Also not too high maintenance.

10. Military or cop 'stache – this one demands respect. Good on square faces.

These are our top 10 but there are so many variations. Do some celeb watching for inspiration.

And please don't forget to take care of your mustache. Grooming is key. 

We recommend the Oolala Collection's Bio Phuzion Beard Oil for grooming, care, and maintenance of healthy shine and texture. 

If you want to take it to the next level, you can combine your 'stache with various styles of goatees and beards. See our next blog coming soon for tips. 

Until then, keep goin with the growin!

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