29 March 2016

Stop viewing social media as a short term commitment!

It doesn’t matter if you think that sounds obvious, I’d be willing to bet that’s still exactly what you’re doing. 

So instead of having a long-term social media growth strategy, you’re probably just plugging up the holes and papering the cracks, and doing the bare minimum to keep it going because you’ve been told you have to.

In other words, you’re still looking at social like it’s grudge marketing.

No more!

It’s time to get serious about social media and get in it for the long haul. That means having the patience to give your platforms the time and the content they need to grow and produce results.

It’s no good just starting a Twitter account and doing a weekly (or even daily) link to a special and then wondering why you’re hearing the sound of crickets after a month. 

You can’t just get onto Facebook and repost generic content and the odd ‘It’s Friday’ cat picture and get confused about the lack of engagement. If your idea of an Instagram account is stock photography and an image flood of products, it should be obvious why you aren’t getting the likes.

You Can’t Buy Instant Friends – Engagement

Imagine if you moved to another country. You wouldn’t expect to unpack, be greeted by your neighbours with a kiss on each cheek and instantly fall into the most amazing social life, right? 

Building relationships and getting to the good stuff takes time. You’d know that you have to show people your unique qualities and engage with them about their interests.

Social media’s exactly the same. 

You have to really get to grips with who you’re trying to attract and understand their interests. You have to give them compelling content that relates to that and gives them opportunities for engagement. 

Ask questions! 

Open up the floor for a conversation! Let your users become part of the way that content happens. 

Pay attention to aesthetics too – having the right look is critical. Your photo filters and your colours are as important for giving quick signals about your brand to consumers used to scrolling through tonnes of content to find what they want.

If you consistently follow these steps and maintain quality, you’ll soon be rewarded by the power of viral communication. 

What are you waiting for?

Start putting some serious strategy in your social now and drop us an email or share it with the #DS.comTribe.