15 October 2016

Brace yourselves. 

November onwards, if you have beauty and brains, you will be there.

Joburg to Durban to Cape Town, Oolala is taking over, hosting exclusive events. Werq. 

Sh*t is about to get turnt. We are talking big time, for reals. 

Just another day in the life of the fabulous. Casual. Think dopeness, fun, Y-factor, sun. Hipness. Yaaasssss.

Hotties boxing in the park? Check. Yoga zen fest? Check. Customised designer gift bags? Check. TF. Plus access to the latest and greatest in custom apparel and hip accessories. 

Now we are talking and we luuurv it. So much this

Mingle over luxury. YOLO. If you dare. 

Enjoy summer. All of the outdoors! 

Turn down for what?

We wanna see you there slayin it

You'll be able to try out products, take part in healthy activities, and have access to the most exclusive products, accessories and gifts.

Watch this space to find out more about how to get your tickets for exclusive entry. 

Missing out would be, well, basic. Just sayin. Kthxbai.

Being there is goals. Bring your squad. Miss out said no one ever.

Check out our "#What'sSnappening" series @DanzShapiro... no-one dares to go there BUT WE DO ;)

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Oolala for now;)