14 October 2016

'Stache style is #goals. 

Facial hair grooming is about to get turnt this Movember with the Oolala Collection Club. 

So get growing! 

Are you and your squad having a compo to see who can grow the best moustache or beard this Movember?

Why not give yourself a boost in the running with the Oolala Collection Club Bio Phuzion's range of amazing beard oils. Stimulate growth and maintain shine and texture.

There are styles TF to choose from. You'll be slaying rocking that classic Chevron like Daniel Craig. This one will need a good couple months hair growth, but is a relatively simple style. 

Brad Pitt has done the Pencil which is also a classic. #Werq

There are the extravagants like the Walrus (George Clooney has gone there) – hair hangs over the top lip. 

The Horseshoe is self-explanatory. Just handle with caution.

And there are the more edgy styles like the Handlebar. YOLO. You'll need wax or a touch of our recommended oil to wind each end for this one.

A safe bet is the Scruffy moustache. Think Jonny Depp. Accompany with a bit of stubble for that sex factor. Could be us but you playin. This one won't take as long and is a great option for the sceptic. Not a single f&*ck was given.

Just another day in the life of a hottie.

Now once you got the hair, don't be ghosting your work of art. It takes maintenance.

Always remember to trim your 'stache when your hair is dry. This will show you better how much to take off and how it will look. 

Keep some scruff to accompany your moustache if you want to soften your look. You wanna slay, so choose something that suits your face and your style.

We are feeling this Movember. Major

It's an opportunity for you gents to flaunt your unique style, for free, and show us what you're made of. 

We're celebrating men's health and our sexy guys. Yaassssss.

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