23 September 2016

We live in a post-World.

No, this has nothing to do with the postal service.

Because in this brave new world, that will soon be redundant, it would be more apt to say that something hasn't really happened until you tweet it, snap it or post it to Facebook.

Yes lovely peeps, if our World was previously defined and constituted by big brands, our post-World or after-World is busy surviving big brand destruction. We are finding new ways to regenerate our image and our trends.

With intersectional identities, we have deconstructed the societal hierarchies that previously sought to define and confine our many selves. Subject–object relational patternings are increasingly blurred. New heights of interconnectivity break through barriers. That which is 'other' becomes that which is 'self'. 

Previously marginalised identities are incorporated with fervor. Past models of identity control and surveillance are turned on their heads.  Being seen at your most vulnerable is used as a means of connectivity, making the world both smaller and more vast with opportunity.

In this post-World, a World that has survived so many real wars and catastrophes of so many kinds, and continues to do so, what is it that drives our new hybrid population? In an interconnected multiverse, with so much at our fingertips, status has undergone a shift. It is less about what you have and more about how you position yourself as a consumer. It's a quest to have what is more ethical,  pure, innovative, connected, than the masses, without having to go on a quest.

Tasteful living is the ultimate, but there's a catch, or five.

The road to luxury living just got, well, curvy, but in a sexy kinda way.

1.Trending #conscience – helpful is hip

It's cool to buy edgy luxury beauty and lifestyle products that don't give a damn about established big brands.

The message is: spend less, save your money for more important things.

It's a war out there. Donate the rest to charity.

Our pick is the Oolala Collection - an affordable luxury range that says stick it to the big brands, and free up some of your income for you to do good with. Plus they use recyclable containers so their carbon footprint is minimised. No animal products used – no animal product testing.

2. Core Issues – a self-fulfilling prophecy

Post-World warriors are getting to grips with themselves. We've seen what previous generations have done to the world. We've got fluid identities to offer pragmatic solutions to our own and others' problems. It's about doing what we can with what we have, where we are, quintessentially.  Self expansion, and a movement inwards at the same time are key drivers.

It's about getting to know ourselves, and also letting go of trying to define 'me'. It's about moving beyond self-actualisation to next-level life experiences that are soul expanding.

The Oolala Collection understands this.

It's priced so that you can experiment without the commitment, while still enjoying all the luxury you're looking for throughout your meanderings of self.

3. Easy extravagance – on demand

We want next level luxury – we want extravagance on demand. Not just functionality on demand. (Think beyond taxis from your smartphone – we're talking fashion shows that you can shop from your smartphone.) We want extravagance with easy access and affordability.

With free delivery to our doorstep.

Enter Oolala!

You can splash it on, without splashing out! Enough said.

4. All inclusive – bye bye determinism:

The who, how, where, and when of consumerism just got real. Intersectional, co-created identities mean the marginalised are finding a new embrace. Shifting demographics and liberated lifestyles mean service providers need to rethink how they position themselves to be on the pulse.

It's beyond being edgy.

Live on the brink of the unknown!

Oolala understands these new customer expectations and has positioned itself as a high-end brand that remains accessible and adaptable to all narratives.

Tell your story, your way!

The Oolala Collection's Phuzion Parfum & Pour Homme is a dynamic fusion that unites different elements to work with the individual.

5. Unexpectedly indispensable  –  G-HI

Looking back through history, many of the greatest trends seem bizarre at first. They ultimately become bankable, and very mainstream, until you just Gotta Have It and Get Hi Off It.  

It's good to keep an eye out for the outspoken and the brave, because they are often the ones who become a way of life.

It may be a new way of doing things for some to try something 'inspired' at a fraction of the cost, but ultimately, you get a revolutionary product that saves you tons of moola, gives you back some magic, and understands how complex a creature you can be.

We don't know about you, but this post-World is looking kinda funky, kinda sexy cool. 

We don't just like it, we luuuurve it. 

If these trends are looked at from a bigger picture perspective, we see there is more of a human element. There is also a focus on improvement, both self and product. There is consciousness of the here and now and how fleeting it is.

Plus we want to have fun. We want to enjoy ourselves; join together people and our multiple voices and roles without heavy-going commitment to a single identity.

So join us. Join the Oolala Collection Club.

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Oolala for now;)