21 September 2016

Options, options, options... Where to start? The beauty and lifestyle market is over-saturated with products that make false promises and do not deliver in the end. 

We are left with deflated egos and deflated wallets, disappointed and doomed to wander lost in the morass of more... Endlessly amassing products that take take take from us, eluded by what we are actually seeking, until ultimately, we don't even know what we want any more, and give in, allowing ourselves to be led blindly by the mass media.

Gloomy right? 

Well.... wake up! It's ok. 

It was just a nightmare. Everything's alright :-) 

Oolala will make it allll better, see. Because that's what game changers do, right? They change the game! This new player is giving you options that empower you to make informed decisions, that help and don't hinder your personal goals.

You do have personal goals, don't you? Because if you don't, it's about time you got some! Like saving up and not blowing your budget on over-priced health, beauty and lifestyle products. That is just sooo last millennium! 

Another goal that's worth the effort is looking after your skin by using quality skin care products to delay or reverse the aging process. Check out the Oolala Collection's unique range which includes...wait for it... 

botox-in-a-bottle! Yes, you heard right. Scientific research now brings you the highest quality skin care products from Oolala. These products are accessible and affordable... mwahaha! (evil laugh...we will soon be taking over the world with our beauty & brains my dearies!)

Sigh! We are having so much fun! 

We just can't help getting high on how great this sh#t is! It's so cool we wanna be it.  And boy oh boy are we gonna use it, like the reasonably priced and available quality thing that it is!

Now are you getting our drift? You see?

Life can be fun! Beautifully fragranced fun at a fraction of the price. It's called getting inspired by the classics, doing some science stuff, improving on them, working a little magic, putting it in a beeootiful bottle, and voila! You lovely peeps get to enjoy, without having to pay for the celebs who wiggle their asses to market the big brands!

Because we see you, shakin it, better than they ever could! Why, you shake it so good, we want you in our club – the Oolala Club!

It's for people like you!

Come on, join us! 

We just know you're gonna love it...


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