5 October 2016

Take fairy lights. Add comfy cushions and a bottle (or three) of wine. Stir in some sensational, luxury, affordable pamper products.  Serve to besties.

Oolala! Now we're excited:)

We're talking about the perfect pamper party. 

Take it from day to night. From bachelorette, to birthday to bonding session, to good ol' quality “me” time. This pamper party is gonna leave us sexy, sassy, refreshed and ready to go and ravish the world! 

We've got the recipe and we're cooking up one hell of a magic mix for a night to remember. Here's some ideas to get you started planning yours...

Step 1

Decor. Do your thing. Go wild or keep it simple. Candles. Fairy lights. Ambient lighting is definitely the way forward. You need comfort. The more cushions the better. Flowers are fab and festive additions to any room.

Step 2

Refreshments. Drinks and snacks. Design a signature cocktail – your very own Pamper Poison. Order in snacks or get creative. Whatever your style, make it work for you. This is your night. Some healthy raw veggie bites with dip is a great summer alternative.

Step 3

Beauty Products. The Oolala Collection Club's Exfoliators and Facial Masks are a win. You and your girls will have the chance to mask up and let them work while you have a gossip session. 

The Oolala Collection's Blu Phuzion Exfoliator with Granules gently removes dead cells, reveals softer and glowing skin, boosts blood circulation and is essential for cell rejuvenation. Steam for 10 minutes after use. 

Then apply the Oolala Collection's Deep Active Cleansing Mask. This provides an extra deep cleansing treatment, assists with removal of toxins, prevention of blemishes and has an immediate skin tightening effect. 

It's botox-in-a-bottle baby! 

Allow to sink in for 20 minutes. Then rinse and voila! You'll have glowing, baby soft, smooth, tight and bright skin! And this is just one mask out of a whole range! 

Finish off Cleopatra style with Blu Phuzion Facial Intelligence Gel. One of its ingredients is Phyto Milk which is similar to the milk Cleopatra used to bathe in.  

The Oolala Collection's Blu Phuzion Facial Intelligence Gel helps repair cells, increase elasticity, pull skin tighter, repair and moisturise. 

Here's to keepin it tight!

Step 4

Fragrances. What would a pamper session be without some sexy fragrances to end off with? 

Order a variety of dinky travel sizes so that there is one for each guest. Then play games with each bottle as a prize. We know we would play harder if we knew that was the prize! And they are so affordable, they fall well within budget.  

Or simply enjoy testing out the different fragrances and having each person pick which one they are going to take home as their party favour. 

How fab is that?

You simply can't go wrong with these wonderful party potions. 

Get away from the daily grind and enjoy bonding with your gal pals while you rejuvenate both your skin and your spirit! Or take some well-deserved time to yourself.

Either way, pampering and luxury should be a party, and Oolala is your new planner! 

You don't need to break your budget, because joining the Oolala Collection Club is affordable for all!

So come on sisters, join us!

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