27 October 2017

A tight Halloween party is goals this 31st. 

Let's do it up royal. 

We've got the pre-planning phase, the planning phase, the prep, and the action the evening of to consider. 

We need strategy people. Werq. We need costumes, props, hair and makeup, fab fragrance. Slay.

Don't have a scream fest that night because of bad skin. 

As if. We can't. And we won't. Because we've got Bio Phuzion Exfoliators, Cleansers and anti-acne lotions to get our skin party ready. 

Why not have a pamper makeover party before the night with your pals to ready?

It's an excuse to run some costume ideas by one another, and to test out what your livers are made of. Yaaassssss.

So about those costume ideas? 

You can do better than the good ol white sheet ghost move. Cos we'll be ghostin you my friend. Swerve. Rather try so much of a tribute to the Joker. We are feeling Harley Quinn and anything Suicide Squad right now. Badass. Think DeadPool. Slayed. Dead.

Party favours? 

We got em on lock with dinky Oolala travel size fragrances! Ratchet. Affordable luxury to leave heads spinning. This is one party to remember. VIP guests will feel oh so special with all the thoughtfulness and exclusivity (without the pricetag, wink wink).

We simply cannot wait.

So much this Halloween. Let's get our freak on! 

Join us in the Oolala Collection Club and be who you wanna be this Halloween and always!

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