22 September 2016

Crash. Boom. Plunk.

You have landed up in the divorce funk. It's a stress mess.

Both men and women are going through a rough time. This got the attention of  Daniella Shapiro after she attended Stacey Lewis's launch of her new book Divorce 101: Survive & Thrive.

The launch was an inspiration to many, making the punchy point that when two comes down to one, you deserve double the self-love and care.

So they left you in the lurch? Or it was an oh so amicable split?

Either way, it's a massive change. And with change comes adaptation.

Now this is the exciting part.

It's an excuse, an opportunity to reinvent your image – to re-imagine yourself. Because your image is now yours to do with as you please. Yes please! You've got the power now, with nobody telling you what to do or how to do it.

Try something new. You don't need anybody's permission any more.

Divorce can take it out of you financially as well as emotionally. We're talking legal fees, attorneys, therapists, dieticians… the list is long.

So you might be thinking, reinventing yourself is gonna cost you?

Well, it's not, actually.

You just gotta be smart about it and use your #greymatter. Because, for example, if you spoil yourself smart, you'll soon find you're able to cut down on therapist's fees.

First off, we need you out of bed.

It's time to try a refreshing, rejuvenating face mask. Try one of many that the Oolala Collection offers.  

From tightening to anti-aging to pore reducing to mud masks. Luxuriating can be affordable.

You don't need to have a dark cloud hanging over you when you practice this sort of self-care, because it is a necessity for your survival that now falls well within budget, thanks to Oolala.

Cover your eyes with cooling cucumbers, celebrity style. And meditate.

Allow thoughts of the exciting new you to flow. Perhaps envision how you see yourself, being happy. Then let it go, release it to the Universe.

When you rinse your mask off, see it as a turning point, a new beginning.

Look in the mirror and importantly, look yourself in the eyes. Acknowledge your own power. Hats off  to you.

You are a survivor.

Imagine how much wiser you are for what you have come through. It only serves to add layers. And layers are soooo sexy. #layering

Speaking of layers, why not layer on some lotions and potions so that you are fragranced as a complement to your new charismatic character? Charisma is something indefinable that is earned through hard won experience, and you sure got that in spades.

You've got a chance to start over. A clean slate.

What will you make of it?

Life is f@*cking great.

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