25 August 2015

Run-of-the-mill. Ordinary. Standard. Usual. Normal. Typical. Common. Customary. Regular. Everyday.

I am a very transparent, authentic and straight-forward person so with each blog post  I want to express my inner thoughts about my business and personal life by being as real as possible. So here it goes…

Mediocrity scares the hell out of me.

I have always dreamed BIG. I always want to raise the bar.


I always need to have a forward-thinking goal/plan to keep me motivated. Another mountain to climb. Another half marathon to run. Another client. Another product to market and sell. It's a blessing that keeps me hustling - but a curse that leaves me never feeling fully satisfied.


I have - and we have - the ability to convince ourselves that no matter who we are - where we are - or what we're doing - it isn't enough. We can always be doing more. We can also land more clients. Make more sales. Find more followers. We know that this line of thinking - this fear of "average" - is nonsensical, but we do it anyway.

But if you are constantly running away from "average" - you'll find yourself running a race you can't possibly win. You'll diminish your personal accomplishments, your professional triumphs, and you'll discard your ideas as not being "good enough".

We shouldn't run from average - but instead, redefine it. Your average may be exceptional to someone else. And your average may be routine and ordinary by the measure of others.


You've written a book? Great, someone else has written ten. You started a company? Who cares, someone else has been running their own and making millions for years. See where I'm going here?

This is a call not only to stop measuring ourselves by the accomplishments for others - but a call to do whatever it is you do exceptionally well.

You're not average, unless you convince yourself that you are.


So often at DaniellaShapiro.com we talk about doing work that matters. Work backed with purpose and passion. In the work you do and in the life you lead, success - and more importantly - fulfillment - isn't defined by anyone or anything but you.

Believe in Yourself. Invest in Yourself. YOU ARE AWESOME!

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