2 November 2016

We have a budget to stick to, right? But we want to keep our skin looking and feeling like a million bucks, right? So how do we do this? 

With Blu Phuzion, from the Oolala Collection Club of course! 

Moisturising is an essential factor in keeping skin beautiful, so we are talking about two key products that will have you set – Blu Phuzion Facial Day Moisturiser with SPF 15 and Night Moisturising Cream.

By day, you need sun protection while repairing skin and reverse the signs of aging. Blu Phuzion Facial Day Moisturiser will minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore skin's elasticity. 

A special blend of minerals leaves the skin radiant, even without makeup!

While you sleep, nourish and repair your skin. Let Blu Phuzion Night Moisturising Cream do the work. Leaves the skin softer, fuller and more supple.

Combine with Blu Phuzion Moisturising Eye Cream for the delicate area around the eye. Peptide Matrixyl will stimulate collagen production to heal the lower layers of the skin.

All of these little beauties are suitable for all skin types!

Treat yourself to some #radiance on a daily basis. Both short term and long term results are astounding!

Look and feel fabulous, with accessible, affordable luxury from the Oolala Collection Club. Join us!

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