26 September 2016

Is cellulite causing you sorrow?

Got dimple depression?

From the beach to the bedroom, the effects of body insecurity can ravage your self-esteem and really cramp your style.

Ever gotten cramp from sitting weirdly at that picnic trying to hide your orange peel? And no, we're not talking about left-overs from the fruit basket.  And what about having to hit the lights, as in off, when you're getting it on with your partner in the bedroom. They ask, “Darling, is it me?” You mumble something about wanting to try out your new night vision goggles.

Swimsuit shopping is a nightmare, is it not?

When the shop assistant comes and wants to peak her nosy head around the curtain, you nearly brain her you get so embarrassed because of cellulite shame. If you can't face her, and you don't want to come out of the cubicle when you're just trying on a swimsuit, how are you going to face the beach?

You're gonna need to jog with your doggies, Baywatch style.

You don't want to have to wear your extra thick gym tights. Because you'll be sweating buckets, hair frizzing, feeling your legs are squeezed like sausages ready for the braai.

Oh dear, things don't have to be like this.

It's time to take back our power.

Spring has sprung, and we don't need to be newborn spring chickens to be beautiful.

#Bodygoals, no matter what size or shape, your body is beautiful, no need to cover up. Flaunt your bod with confidence.

Let's let our smiles give the finger to boring, same-old molds that seek to control us and our bodies.

We have the power and the right to shape ourselves how we want to be, and love it. We don't need to shrink away from the season of the body, because we are looking forward to flaunting our unique individuality with confidence.

No more having to carefully cross your legs in the “right position” or sit “in the most flattering way” when you're on the beach or at the pool to avoid the dimple depression. No more having to sit with your knees slightly bent, with your toes in the sand to try and portray the image of perfection that we believe all females have.

No more dreading going swimsuit shopping.

When we're done with you, you'll be bursting out of that cubicle, ready to take on the beach and bare it all.

How, you ask?

Well, we've got some revolutionary new tools to share with you that will help you get to where you want to be.

That's right!

Did you think this was just going to be a wallow fest, feeling sorry for ourselves with no solutions in sight? These bad boys will change your life in the best ways possible.  

We are leaving our cellulite behind. And we are getting ready to flaunt our behinds.

So let's talk about the Oolala Collection's Blu Phuzion Serum Anti-Cellulite Firming Gel.

Two elements – Body Fit and Cell Active Shape. Sounds good already.

So let's get a bit sciency here.

Body Fit is a multi-functional peptide that inhibits the appearance of adipocytes (the building blocks of cellulite.) Cell Active Shape attacks cellulite by strengthening the outer skin layer (epidermis), reducing fat infiltration into the middle skin layer (dermis), speeding up the splitting of fats, improves micro-circulation and thereby removes water and waste products within the cellulite structure. 

The peptides in the formulation help eliminate the orange peel effect, leaving skin, smooth, soft and firm. Results are fat pads reduced by up to 43% and firmness increased by up to 20%.

Another power tool we just love operating is Blu Phuzion Volcanic Rock Exfoliator for Body. 

This exfoliator contains natural volcanic rock which helps exfoliation, rejuvenation and stimulation of the skin. Sea Fennel extract is a key ingredient. This potent marine botanical exhibits anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, toning and skin-conditioning properties.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Shea butter and sweet almond oil assist rapid absorption to achieve optimum nourishment and moisturisation.

You see, there is hope! Thank you Oolala! 

No more cowering in the corner on the beach. And we didn't know beaches even had corners! New season, new possibilities, new Blu Phuzion. Stop sulking and go get some!

Product :  Blu Phuzion™  - Body Serum Anti-Cellulite Firming Gel
Code:  005/100
Size:   100ml
Price:  R387.00 incl

Code: 005/500
Size:   500ml
Price:  R1 476.00 incl

Product :  Blu Phuzion™  - Volcanic Rock Exfoliator for Body
Code:  036/250
Size:   250ml
Price:  R225.00 incl

Code:  036/1000
Size:   1000ml
Price:  R895.00 incl

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