15 September 2016

New-age is all about rebelling against thought control and moving towards innovative independents.

For far too long, monopolies have been running a racket by convincing people that there is something other-worldly about beauty and big lifestyle brands.

Celebrities are the 'gods and goddesses' and us 'mere mortals' can supposedly buy into their secret formulas for a hefty price tag. For most, this is unattainable, leading to disappointment and despair, on a never-ending treadmill of working hard and never quite reaping the rewards of 'making it'.

Well it's all a lie. We are being screwed.

It’s time to expose the truth.

The success of  beauty and big lifestyle brands comes down to a simple marketing formula. It's about creating desire; creating a want and making you believe that want is a need, that you 'have to have it', at any cost, in order to feel beautiful, sexy or desirable and confident in yourself.

There are certain needs that we all share. Everyone wants to look and feel fab. But how you go about it is up to you. There are many roads to the same enticing destination.

Smelling fabulous is an age old, basic human need. Since Caveman Jane first decided to put a sweet smelling flower behind her ear and Caveman Jo said, “hell yeah”, the idea has stuck.

Smelly pits, are the pits.

The solution to the problem is not something mysterious, expensive or gimmicky that will in actuality end up robbing you of your pride and self worth and make you a slave to the marketing and media machine, that is the industry's lie.

Is this turning into a rant or what? But seriously!

What we really want is empowering products that allow us to feel we have a choice in the matter, that we aren't trapped without quality alternatives.

We want products that #addvalue, and that don't rob us of that something special – our #essence. For example, a beautiful, luxury perfume or cologne should encapsulate the essence of a message that a man or woman is conveying.

It is a #messageinabottle, that says, “Don’t f*@k with me, we will not allow ourselves to be duped. …”

A smart new alternative is to join the #OolalaCollectionClub. Now you can have top quality fragrances, beauty products and essential lifestyle brands delivered direct to your doorstep – for a fraction of the price.

It's a cool new way of doing things and sticking it to the system.

The only requirement for membership is that you have to have beauty & brains.

If you're sick and tired of the status quo, we're pretty sure you'll qualify!;)

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