24 October 2016

Your acne could help you age better. Yaaasssss! 

We knew there was a reason for our suffering!

All those tears on your pillow over that mega zit will be worth it in the end... 

Believe it or not, scientific studies have shown this to be true. It's time to talk telomeres and nucleotides.

These bad boys are gonna help you in the aging process. And if you have suffered from acne, you are likely to have longer telomeres in your white blood cells, basically meaning cells could be better protected against aging. Slay.

This is according to Scientists at Kings College London, and a study involving twins and an analysis of their telomeres. Telomeres are the protective repeated nucleotides found at the end of chromosomes

Basically, results of the study showed that if you have ever suffered from acne you will age more slowly than people who have always had clear skin.

So we get our own back in the end – ha ha! (Evil laugh!) Revenge is sweet! 

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Sigh, we just love good news. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

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We want more! #Winning!

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