21 June 2016

The innovation tsunami NEVER stops...

It is hard to believe we are almost into the second half of 2016 – scary, right? 

The first half of the year has brought an outpour of innovations. 

New products, services, apps, devices, content, pricing tactics, experiences (both physical and digital), social media platforms, business models..



New customer expectations don't pop out of the blue. It's all about progression! Tweet: New customer expectations don't pop out of the blue. It's all about progression!

But the new expectations that these examples are helping to create don't emerge out of nowhere. 

Instead, they evolve out of past expectations around convenience, technology, brand ethics, sustainability, moving beyond the merely transactional…and they'll soon evolve again!

At this point you may be asking yourself:

- How do I keep up to date with the latest marketing strategies and innovations?

- How do I make sure I am 10 steps ahead of my competitors?

- How do I ensure that my business and brand exceeds customer expectations?

- How do I manage all my social media marketing platforms, content marketing and still be able to run a successful business?

- Where do I even begin?


At DaniellaShapiro.com, we view new customer expectations – and the trends they fuel – through the lens of a bigger picture. That is, one on one consulting with Daniella.

These marketing-trends are the big, slow-moving currents in the consumer arena and taken together they form the Marketing Framework: the complete picture of consumerism today and where it's heading.

Each and every marketing consultation with Daniella will cover all these areas, helping YOU improve your customer engagement and integrate your brand with all the latest, newest, interactive forms of modern marketing in order for you to create brand awareness and a brand presence in the market which will stick in the minds of your audience.

Having said that, I want to highlight the point that there needs to be a shift in how organizations view the concept of marketing in general. Tweet: There needs to be a shift in how organizations view the
concept of marketing in general @danzshapiro

If marketing is viewed solely on spend and not value then alarm bells should be ringing. 

That is a dangerous place from which to make sound, strategic business decisions.       

However, if you shift your thinking and view marketing as an investment, then you can focus on the things that matter – value and ROI.Tweet: If you shift your thinking and view marketing as an
investment, then you can focus on the things that matter – value and ROI

These are the factors a successful business should be built on. 

And with that, you can assess the real benefits that a professional marketing consultant will bring to the table.

Now you can focus at what you do best. 

Whether its software development, engineering or legal advising, a marketing consultant will be able to oversee your marketing activities objectively and ensure you are forward thinking.Tweet: A marketing consultant will be able to oversee your marketing
activities objectively and ensure you are forward thinking


Still not 100% convinced?

The rest of this post may change your mind…

Now let’s get down to business:)

Here are 7 reasons why a Marketing Consultant can add huge value to your business:


1. Instant Expertise and Experience

- An expert marketing consultant will keep you up to date with all the latest marketing trends, major developments and everything relevant in your industry. 

- The primary reason for a Marketing Consultant is to acquire a specific skill set which is not possessed by existing staff.

- When you hire a reputable consultant you can be confident that he or she knows what to do and will get it done.

- When you try to save money, by hiring an employee with little experience, it’s like paying someone to learn as they go, with your brand as the guinea pig.

2. Cost Effectiveness

- An employee can cost 25-30% on top of their base salary per year, considerably more than a Consultant. 

- When making the shift to a value based decision model rather than a spend based one, you may find that the return your consulting investment provides a more solid business case for your organization.

- By outsourcing your marketing strategies and letting experts deal with all the marketing hardships is a wise, cost saving and strategically smart exercise. 

- Your consultant should be your trusted go-to person.

3. Hire for ONLY the hours you need

- Your organization may not need a full-time marketing manager.

- If you go the traditional route you may feel pushed to find a qualified new hire willing to work less hours. This means you may wind up hiring, and paying for, a full time, management level employee to do what is really only a part-time job.

4. Consultants are Objective and...SMART

- Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to see what’s wrong.

- If it’s not working well, a consultant can be that valuable third party to look at things without attachment and tell you what needs to happen, and why.

- Bringing in a consultant is a great way to breathe new life into your marketing efforts and make sure you have a strategy that works, not just a process that happens because “that’s what we’ve always done."

5. Consultants are 100% Productive From the Get-Go

- It takes a new employee about 6.2 months to reach 100% productivity.

- Consultants are pretty much 100% productive from the get-go. We don’t need to ‘learn the job’, you’re hiring us because we already know the job, and can hit the ground running.

- Consultants are self-starters and experts at jumping in and getting a job done without hand-holding. 

- Yes, we need to learn about your company, but that’s the cost of entry to anyone being able to recommend the most strategic plan of action.

6. No More HR Headaches

- A consultant is not an employee, and therefore you are completely free of all the HR headaches, and costs, that come into play when you hire someone.

- This includes recruiting, turn-over, training and orientation, vacation coverage, payroll, sick time, stress leave, paper work, personal days, maternity leave and continued education, just to name a few.

7 .  Efficiency for Short Term and Urgent Projects

- Consultants are ideal when an organization has a one-off marketing project, on a tight timeline. It needs to be executed quickly and efficiently. 

- There is no time for a lengthy hiring and orientation process.

- The consultant knows when the contract will be over and your organization avoids the obligations that can come with hiring an employee.


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